Our Story

Since 2016, Pecan has operated with the sole purpose of bringing access to quality financial products to unbanked individuals, particularly, women and their small businesses in Nigeria.

During this period, we introduced hundreds of young and middle-aged unbanked Nigerians to the banking ecosystem, helping them to open and run their first-ever bank accounts. To these freshly-banked people, the financial system is a needlessly complicated one. So, when they think of the hoops they have to endure just to access financial services, they’d rather just sit it out.

Bringing banking closer to people

Every day, our representatives take round-trips to markets, communities and town halls to find new and simpler ways to give people access to banking services: We simplified our compliance processes; trimmed our forms and; broke down banking speak to talk with people in the language they understand.

We didn’t stop there. We also created culturally relevant savings products and enlightened customers within the unbanked and underbanked segment so that they not only trust us but also have a better relationship with money.

Better tidings

Individuals of various types have joined us on this journey since we started. From the unbanked low income earners opening their first accounts with us to digitally-savvy high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) who love our approach to banking, we are always improving our services to meet the needs of our growing customers.

Our name may have changed, but our goal remains the same: To provide financial services that improve the overall quality of the lives of our customers, no matter who or where they are.