Health insurance plans everyday people can swear by

Enjoy access to basic health insurance cover without paying through the nose. Our paid micro-insurance plans ensure you gain access to quality healthcare through your phone or at hospitals nationwide, if you ever need to.

Small premiums, big benefits

The sweetest part is you don’t need any additional registration or paperwork. Simply choose from three levels of cover — basic, standard and premium — and we’ve got you covered.

Quality medical care at your fingertips

Speak with a medical professional without the hassle of hospital queues, our plans offer you 14-hour daily telemedicine services so that you can get the medical aid you need anywhere, anytime.

Sign up for a savings account

Join Pecan today to save money and enjoy health insurance benefits. Download our app to sign up and opt-in for the insurance service. Opening a savings account is free. Insurance cover attract a small monthly access fee.

Pecan Plus Microinsurance Plans FAQs
What is PecanPlus Account?
PecanPlus microinsurance savings account is our affordable savings and health insurance account that are designed to protect low-income people and families against specific health risks in exchange for a small monthly payment.
Our savings account helps provide a safety net for hardworking families.
What types of plans are covered in the PecanPlus Microinsurance Savings Account?
We offer personalised microinsurance options including:
  • PecanPlus
  • PecanPlus Platinum
  • PecanPlus Exclusive
What are the main benefits of your microinsurance products?
Immediately your account number is created.
How can a customer make deposits into their savings account?
If you have limited financial means but want extra risk protection, you likely qualify for microinsurance. You can sign up by visiting our website or speak with our customer support representative who will learn about your specific needs to customise an affordable plan for you.
Will filing a claim impact my eligibility for future coverage?
Filing an honest claim will not impact your eligibility. We understand extenuating circumstances can happen. Our goal is to provide accessible coverage, not deny it when emergencies strike after you’ve consistently paid premiums.
What other services does Pecan Bank offer?
In addition to micro health insurance, we provide financial services like regular savings account, Small Business Loans, Ajo Savings, Fixed Deposit plan, financial literacy education and more to youth and underserved communities across the region. Our goal is equipping families with tools to overcome poverty.